Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Counselling

The primary purpose of this 18-month Diploma is to enable working professionals, particularly those working with children and youth, to develop their skills in psychological counselling, assessment, community development, and research. The programme is full time and requires students to attend all lectures using a blended approach (depending on the UKZN policy). Classes are attended in block sessions, and we expect a confirmation letter of release from the work for employed students. The following modules are covered in this 128-credit point Diploma (refer to Annexure A for more details of the content of the module):

  • PSYC621 Fundamentals of Psychological Assessment (16 credit points)
  • PSYC622 Community Interventions (16 credit points)
  • PSYC623 Counselling Psychology: Theory and Practicum (32 credits)
  • PSYC624 Developmental Psychology and Applied Psychopathology (16 credit points)
  • PSYC6RM Research Methodology (16 credits)
  • PSYC6RS Short Research Project (32 credits)

Registration with the Health Professions Council

Completing this qualification allows eligibility to apply for registration as a Registered Counsellor to practice in settings you have been trained. Students will be expected to complete a 6-month practicum within the 18 months of training under a registered psychologist’s supervision with at least three years of experience. The practicum may be completed in a school counselling programme, a non-profit organisation offering psychological counselling, the University of KwaZulu-Natal Child and Family Centre or a similar approved working environment. You may complete your practicum at your place of work, provided this is an approved learning environment and you are appointed an appropriate supervisor.

Registration and selection

The minimum requirement for the programme is a psychology major at the undergraduate level. Students should have completed a Bachelors degree regarded as appropriate by the college. Students who are still completing their undergraduate qualifications will not be considered. We DO NOT offer a 6-months stand-alone practicum if you have completed honours or any other postgraduate degree in psychology. The programme integrates the practicum. We have no mechanisms to credit you for the modules you have completed in another postgrad qualification.

The programme is offered for over 18 months for all students. The PGDip programme is equivalent to an Honours degree but does not translate to the same degree. The PGDip is an accredited professional programme and requires students to undergo a more in-depth theory and practice that will allow them to register with HPCSA. Honours graduates will still need to undergo full 18 months of training.

A postgraduate degree and work experience in the related field puts the applicants at an advantage but not guarantee admission. The selection is competitive and considers several factors such as academic performance, suitability for training, broad research knowledge, work experience, etc.

The call for applications for the 2023/2024 cohort will be open from:



The link to the online application form will be provided once applications open.

NB: Please note that this is a self-funded programme, and the School does not offer financial assistance. The fees for the full programme is approximately R53 000.