Mrs Vinotha Moodley graduated with her Honours degree in Psychology
Mrs Vinotha Moodley graduated with her Honours degree in Psychology
Mrs Vinotha Moodley graduated with her Honours degree in Psychology
Mrs Vinotha Moodley graduated with her Honours degree in Psychology

College of Humanities Student Support Services staffer Mrs Vinotha Moodley was ecstatic when she graduated with honours in psychology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

It took persistence, dedication, determination and sacrifice for Moodley to achieve this postgraduate milestone. ‘I am still processing this achievement even though it was an amazing journey. Having many responsibilities, I thought completing an honours degree would be impossible. I am reminded by what Nelson Mandela said “It always seems impossible until it is done”.’

She decided to do her honours in psychology in the hope of achieving her dream to be a psychologist. Her research focused on Intimate Partner violence (IPV) “The perceptions of UKZN Honours students on IPV.”

‘I was intrigued by the strength and confidence of our younger generation to walk away from violent relationships. Yet many still suffer the after effects of living through this with parents and extended family members.

‘Society itself is rife with IPV. The outcome of my research highlights that no matter how many individuals fight back violent relationships and move on, others remain in these life threatening relationships primarily for socio-economic reasons,’ said Moodley.

Time management, for Moodley, was a major challenge as she juggled work and study at the same time. She discovered that with discipline, planning in advance and perseverance one is able to strike a balance.

She said her family’s support was instrumental in her success.

‘My friends called me a part-time friend as being a postgraduate student required an enormous commitment to studies which did not allow for much socialising.

‘I thank my family for their unconditional love and support and my colleagues at Student Support Services for their continued support and motivation. I am also grateful for having a job at Student Support Services (Counselling) as it is also the nature of our services that drives my passion. Working with people is my passion,’ said Moodley.

She now plans to pursue her masters in psychology.

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