Malegapuru W Makgoba Scholarship Awards for Five Humanities Students

From left: Ms Brie Parker, Ms Rayne Redinger, Ms Raeesa Mohammed and Ms Sithokozile Dlamini received the Malegapuru W Makgoba Scholarship Award.

Five deserving students from the College of Humanities: Ms Katherine Steinke, Ms Sithokozile Dlamini, Ms Rayne Redinger, Ms Raeesa Mahommed and Ms Brie Parker, have each received the Malegapuru W Makgoba Scholarship Award.

Psychology student Redinger believes that receiving such an award creates incentive to continue to work hard and strive towards academic excellence. ‘Having my efforts and hard work recognised and rewarded is extremely encouraging. The scholarship relieves a considerable amount of financial pressure and allows me to focus on my academic achievement without having the added financial stress of tuition fees,’ she said. Redinger attended Port Shepstone High School where she was deputy head girl and athletics team captain. She also represented the student council of learners on the governing body and received an Honours award in both academics and athletics. Her future plans include pursuing her postgraduate studies. ‘Nothing is more rewarding than striving towards reaching your full potential. Work hard and always give it your best because it pays off,’ she urged fellow students.

Social Sciences student, Mahommed, was also overjoyed to hear she was receiving the scholarship. ‘I am extremely honoured as my belief in the positive outcome of hard work, perseverance and dedication is reinforced. It means a wealth of opportunities, a promise of a better future as well as the ability to continue working diligently and believing in my capabilities,’ she said. The Rydalpark Secondary School alumnus achieved 7 distinctions, an A aggregate and placed amongst the top 10 in the Mafukuzela Gandhi Circuit at the end of her matric in 2016. Throughout high school, she was a smart worker and part of many quizzes and debates. She plans to pursue her postgraduate studies and work extremely hard to be able to help many other students who have big dreams. ‘Adopting the correct balance to your life will enable you to excel in your studies without feeling a sense of disappointment and a feeling of absence during family social events,’ said Mohammed.

Parker, also a Social Sciences student, sees scholarships of this nature as essential as they reward students who work hard and motivate them to work harder, which adds to the academic excellence of the University. ‘I am excited about receiving the scholarship and feel rewarded that my effort has been recognised. Receiving the scholarship has been a massive morale boost and has encouraged me to work even harder and increase the effort that I put into my studies. My brother and sister are currently both studying; thus, my parents have been under incredible financial strain. This scholarship has allowed me to focus on my studies rather than having to seek work to pay tuition fees. I am not a financial burden to anyone this year,’ she said. Parker was home-schooled and completed her matric through Cambridge which allowed her to be well prepared for studying at UKZN. She always maintained a balance between her academic dreams and her sporting ambitions. She is also a competitive swimmer and currently ranks top 20 in swimming in South Africa. She plans to pursue her dream of swimming in the Olympics as well as qualify as a Sports Psychologist. ‘University is that one beautiful opportunity in life that you will probably look back on as the best time in your life, so make it count. Choose subjects you are passionate about and enjoy them no matter how your peers seem to react. Remember, you can do anything, so start believing in your abilities and reach for the stars,’ she advised other students.

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From left: Ms Brie Parker, Ms Rayne Redinger, Ms Raeesa Mohammed and Ms Sithokozile Dlamini received the Malegapuru W Makgoba Scholarship Award.

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