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Michael D. Gobel is the author of the ‘Honour Programme’, an advanced integrated rehabilitative instrument that was designed with two primary objectives, namely to change the way we approach, manage and implement Rehabilitation Programmes in our Correctional system for the purpose of reducing the high level of ‘recidivism’ in our country and to objectively look at the link between the elements of crime and criminality in our society and how – through cognitive and dialectical behavioural therapy with the foundational elements of spiritual awareness and intervention, we are able to ‘transform’ a person’s belief in becoming a law-abiding citizen.  The programme challenges the ‘restorative’ elements of rehabilitation by placing more emphasis on the individuals ‘soul transformation’ rather than on the reconciliation between offender and victim.

Michael has spent the last 8 years developing this programme having evaluated, researched and assessed both the negative and positive results of corrective rehabilitation instruments been used in countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada and America and how they have successfully been able to reduce the high levels of crime and re-offending in their respective countries.

He holds a Bachelor Degree in Systematic Theology and Biblical Studies from the Evangelical Bible College of Western Australia and spent over 15 years of his life as a corporate executive to one of the largest trading houses in the world.  Before joining African Enterprise in South Africa as their Prison Ministry Officer, he had extensive experience as an international corporate executive, entrepreneur, trainer and motivational speaker.  He has a heart for Transformation and Reconciliation in this country and wishes to help our youth in particular, to come to a better understanding of ‘self’ in building a brighter and better future for all our people.

Michael was a received as a guest lecturer for Criminology and forensic studies level 1 students, where he delivered his guest lecture focusing on recidivism and transformation programmes to curb recidivism. He delivered his lecture based on his newly developed rehabilitation programme that can be administered to correctional services to deal with soul transformation and proper rehabilitate the inmates. Michael identified gaps in the current rehabilitation programmes within our system hence the initiation of the Honour programme. Students related well with him and engaged in critical discourses content of the rehabilitation offered in our correctional facilities and provided remedies to enhance the existing programme and/or their improvements. His guest lecture served as a bridge to try to bring the industries to the students and/or marry the practical component of criminology and theoretical framework.

Criminology and forensic studies would like to extend immensely the gratitude and appreciation to Michael for this productive, informative and contribution to inculcate and emancipate the young minds of the future generation. His contribution played a major in fostering an understanding of the correctional system and rehabilitation programmes. We salute him for his hard work.

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