Graduate analyses Race and Racism Discourse by Academics in Post-Apartheid Higher Education

Siphiwe Motloung
Siphiwe Motloung
Siphiwe Motloung

‘Participants spoke at length about their experiences at work and in meetings. The ongoing racialization and underlying racial tension within the university system was described in 16 confidential interviews,’ explained Motloung.

The study found that nuanced reproductions of apartheid divisions endure. Racial identities bifurcated around black-white poles; racism was witnessed, denied and at times internalized.

‘Participants struggled with multiple tension between being victims and perpetrators of racism; and with the privileges accorded the whiteness of the status quo and the challenges that Africanization posed,’ she stated.

The thesis developed a theoretical frame – African Standpoint theory – as a means of developing critical scholarship in the present context of change.

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