Social Work Academic Wins prestigious awards at ICOSS Conference

Dr Sibonsile Zibane
Dr Sibonsile Zibane
Dr Sibonsile Zibane
Dr Sibonsile Zibane

‘Being recognised at an international platform is a real honour and it feels absolutely amazing,’ she said.

Her award-winning research paper that was presented at the conference explored the ways in which boys and girls construct their gender and sexuality, focusing on the games boys play as an instantiation of violent masculine conduct.

‘Violence in or around South African schools has been increasingly reported by the media as one of the biggest challenges facing young people in South Africa today,’ said Zibane.

Framed within a feminist paradigm, her research shows how boys use and deploy violent gender relations which are masked as games. ‘Such invisible acts of violence are not reported and continue to feature in the everyday life of school under the guise of play,’ said Zibane.

She argues for interventions that seek to understand the game cultures of schools as important sites for the making of violent masculinities and to address the hidden nature of the violence within them.

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