Research Initiatives:

The Research and Higher Degrees committee aims to initiate and reinforce activities within the School of Applied Human Sciences which contribute towards high impact research and innovation. This includes specific activities which focus on three focus areas of research. 1) increasing the proportion of postgraduate students 2) increase the number of NRF-rated staff 3) increase impact research 4) increase the number of highly cited researchers and 5) increase the impact of research.

To initiate cutting edge globally relevant and locally-specific research that responds to the needs of African society.

To create a facilitative research environment for the education and graduation throughputs of postgraduate students (Masters and Doctoral) in the School of Applied Human Sciences.

Higher Degrees committee members:
Prof N Mkhize (College of Humanities: Deputy Vice Chancellor and Head of College)
Prof P Morojele (College of Humanities: Dean of Research)
Prof J Steyn (Criminology & Forensic Studies)
Prof R Teer-Tomaselli (SAHS Culture, Communication and Media Studies)
Prof L Dyll (SAHS: Academic Leader: Community Engagement)
Dr Mary van der Riet (SAHS: Psychology, Howard College Campus)
Mr M Dlamini (School of Applied Human Sciences: Acting School Manager)
Dr S Mkhize (SAHS: Academic Leader: CFSD, Howard College Campus)
Prof N Gopal (SAHS: CFSD & Forensic Studies – HC)
Dr E Sibanyoni (SAHS: CFSD & Forensic Studies – PMB)
Prof D McCracken (SAHS: Academic Leader: Psychology, Howard College Campus)
Prof K Durrheim (SAHS: Academic Leader: Psychology, Pietermaritzburg Campus)
Prof S Collings & Prof A Meyer-Weitz (SAHS: Psychology, Howard College Campus)
Dr M van der Riet (SAHS: Psychology, Pietermaritzburg Campus)
Dr J John-Langba (SAHS: Academic Leader: Social Work)
Mr M Sithole (SAHS: Social Work, Howard College)
Mr N Memela (SAHS Postgraduate Office HC: Post Graduate Administrator)
Ms A Ntuli (SAHS Postgraduate Office HC: Post Graduate Administrator)
Ms P Konan (SAHS Postgraduate Office PMB: Post Graduate Administrator)