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Three members of the School have contributed to this – Prof. Lauren Dyll, Prof. Keyan Tomaselli and Dr Mary Lange.  The latter two are both Honorary appointments. 

Critical Arts:  South-North Cultural and Media Studies

Special issue 33(3) 2019

Crisis? Which Crisis? The Humanities Reloaded Guest Editor 


Crisis? Which Crisis? The Humanities Reloaded

Pier Paolo Frassinelli


Humanities, Citations and Currency: Hierarchies of Value and Enabled Recolonisation

Keyan G. Tomaselli


Kind of Blue: Can Communication Research Matter?

Viola Candice Milton


“Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me”: Rethinking the Humanities (in Times of) Crisis

Jeremy De Chavez & Asha Varadharajan


Crossing Worlds: South–North Collaborations as Creative Encounters with Arts, Humanities and Sciences

Kim Berman & Michelle LeBaron


Jessica Ramirez Goes to the Johannesburg Solstice Critical Theory Workshop at the Institute of Critical Reasoning

Melissa Tandiwe Myambo

Book Review

Book review

Media, geopolitics, and power: a view from the Global South

by Herman Wasserman, Champaign, IL, USA, University of Illinois Press and UCT Press, 2018, 236 pp., Paperback, $9.50, ISBN 978-1-77582-226-4

Iginio Gagliardone

Under Fire 

University on “Log-Down” in Zimbabwe

Nkululeko Sibanda

Critical Arts: Aims and scope

From its inception, Critical Arts  examined the relationship between texts and contexts, cultural formations and popular forms of expression, mainly in the Third World, but after the 1994 transition in South Africa  Critical Arts repositioned itself in the South-North  and  East-West nexus focusing on developing transdisciplinary epistemologies. Critical Arts ‘ authors are Africans debating Africa with the rest; and the rest debating Africa and the South and with each other. 

The journal is rigorously peer reviewed, via ScholarONE Manuscripts, and aims to shape theory on the topics it covers.  Cutting edge theorisation (supported by empirical evidence) rather than the reporting of formulaic case studies are preferred.  Submissions are sought from both established and new researchers, and recent topics have included political economy of the media, political communication, intellectual property rights, visual anthropology and indigeneity,  the ethnographic turn in art, and of course cultural studies. Submissions must, perhaps, aim to restore the vision of earlier theorists and historians, for whom ‘culture’ was a kind of synthesis arising from the contradictions between human society and the politics of nations. Under the pressures of globalization, this kind of understanding becomes more relevant at every turn. Critical Arts seeks to profile those approaches to issues that are amenable to a cultural studies-derived intervention, on the basis that ‘culture’ is a marker of deeper continuities than the immediate conflicts under the fire of which so many must somehow live their lives.

Editor-in-Chief: Keyan Tomaselli –

Managing Editor: David Nothling –