School of Applied Human Sciences


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  • Position Lecturer
  • Discipline Centre for Communication, Media and Society
  • CampusHoward College Campus
  • Office AddressRoom G00a

Degrees Held

  • BA (Hons) (UN)
  • MA (UKZN)
  • PhD (UKZN)


  • Dr Eliza Govender is a lecturer at The Centre for Communication, Media and Society. Her research interests include entertainment education, health and development communication and participatory methodologies with a specific application to HIV and AIDS.  Her PhD thesis explores the application of participatory approaches as a health communication strategy to address HIV prevention in South Africa. Govender also works as an independent consultant specialising in qualitative HIV research and educational resource development. She has been guest editor for two special editions of the African Communication Research journals in HIV Communication in Africa (2010) and Entertainment Education in Africa (2014). Govender loves playing her violin in her free time, and baking up a storm….


Accredited Publications

  • Govender, E.M. 2013. Conflicting Paradigms: Challenges to HIV and AIDS Communication, a South African Perspective. In Tufte, T., Wildermuth, N., Hansen-Skovmoes, A.S., Mitullah, W. (eds) Speaking Up and talking Back? Media, Empowerment and Civic Engagement among East and Southern African Youth. Goteborg: NORDICOM
  • Cardey, S., Govender, E., Dyll-Myklebust, L., Garforth, C.  & Tomaselli, K.  2013. Entertainment-Education Theory and Practice in HIV and AIDS Communication: A South Africa / UK comparison. Critical Arts (Special Issue) 27(3).
  • Govender, E.M. and Reddy, S. 2011. Drawing the bigger picture: Giving voice to HIV positive children. In: Theron, L., Mitchell, C., Stuart, J. and Smith, A. (eds.) Picturing Research: Drawing as Visual Methodology. Rotterdam: Sense.
  • Govender, E.M. 2011. Tracing development and health communication for HIV and AIDS prevention within a South African context in Health and Development Communication. Cape Town: Pearson.
  • Govender, E.M., Mathew, W. and McDonough, A. 2011. Tokens or Participation: A case of development support communication with the AIDS Foundation of South Africa in Health and Development Communication. Cape Town: Pearson.
  • Govender, E.M. Durden, E and Reddy, S. 2010. How Participatory is “Participatory Communication” for HIV/AIDS Awareness in South Africa. African Communication Research, Vol. 3 (2), September: 281 – 304.
  • Govender, E.M. 2010. How Effective is HIV and AIDS Communication in Africa? African Communication Research, Vol. 3 (2), September: 205 – 234.


  • Govender, E. 2014. Edutainment theory, practice and lessons from Africa. The African Communication Research Journal.
  • Govender, E.; Dyll-Myklebust, L.; Delate, R. and Sundar, T. 2014. Social networks as a platform to discuss sexual networks: Intersexions and Facebook as catalysts for social change, The African Communication Research Journal.

Other Major Accomplishments