Tomaselli, Keyan Gray

Tomaselli, Keyan Gray

Emeritus Professor

Discipline Centre for Communication, Media and Society
Contact Number 031-260-2635
Campus Howard College Campus
Office Address Room G006a Memorial Tower Building. Ground floor
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  • Keyan Tomaselli is a Full Professor and a Fellow of the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Tomaselli started his media career in the film and TV industry in 1974, and then taught in the Wits School of Dramatic Art. In 1981, he joined Rhodes University’s Journalism and Media Studies. He completed his PhD in 1984 and relocated to Durban in 1985 to establish what is now known as CCMS.
  • Worked in the film industry and was co-writer of the White Paper on Film. His seminal books include The Cinema of Apartheid and Appropriating Images (1996). He is a Fellow of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and was a Smithsonian Research Associate in its Department of Anthropology. His interests are political economy, African cinema and visual anthropology.
  • Elected a Fellow of the University of Natal in 1995.
  • Smithsonian Research Associate, 1994-1997, in the Department of Anthropology.
  • KWANZAA Award for The Cinema of Apartheid from the Africa Network, Chicago.
  • Fulbright Scholar 1990/1.
  • External Examiner for Department of Communication, University of Zambia.
  • External Examiner and Staff (Faculty) Assessor, School of Communication, University of Ghana.
  • Executive Council Member, African Council for Communication Education, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Board member, Cultural Environment Movement, Philadelphia.
  • Steering Committee, Development Support Programme, Human Sciences Research Council, Pretoria.
  • Media Expert, Committee on AIDS and STDs, Dept of National Health, Pretoria.
  • Co-Writer, Film Policy White Paper, Department of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology, Pretoria (1995).
  • Editor-in-Chief: CRITICAL ARTS: A JOURNAL FOR CULTURAL STUDIES, co-edited with the Centre for
  • Research into Culture and Media, Murdoch University, Perth.

Accredited publications in the past five years:

  • Tomaselli, K.G. (2013) Film cities and competitive advantage: Development factors in South African film. Journal of African Cinemas, 5(2): 237-252.
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Books edited or co-authored

  • Tomaselli, K.G. with Lange, M.E., Jansen, L.M. Fisher, R.C. and Morris, D.  (2013) Engraved Landscape: Biesje Poort. Tormentoso Publishers.
  • Proposed Commissioned Anthology 2013 – working title-“African Media”, as part of the Global Media and Communication Series by Polity Press. Co-author. Prof. R.E. Teer-Tomaselli. Forthcoming.
  • Tomaselli, K.G. (ed.) 2013(Under review by Pearson Publishers): working title: Making Sense of Research: theory, practice and ir/relevance irreverence, forthcoming.
  • Tomaselli, K.G. (Ed.) 2012. Cultural Tourism and Identity: Rethinking Indigeneity. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill.
  • Tomaselli, K.G. and Wright, H.K. (eds.) 2011. African Cultural Studies and Difference. London: Routledge. (Reprint in book form of Cultural Studies Theme Issue, edited by Wright and Tomaselli, 2008, 22(2), 173-186).
  • Olorunnisola, A. and Tomaselli, K.G. (eds.) 2011. Political Economy of Transformation: The South African MediaNew Jersey:  Hampton Press.
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  • Tomaselli, K.G. and Scott, D. (eds.) 2009. Cultural Icons.  Hojbjerg:  Intervention Press / San Francisco: Left Coast Publishers.

Forthcoming publications

  • Mulwo, A and Tomaselli, K.G.University Students as Interpretive Communities:  Sexual Identities, Group Dynamics and the Reconstruction of `ABC’, African Journal for AIDS Research, 8(3). In Preparation
  • Nielsen, M., Tomaselli, K.G., Mushin, I. and Whiten, A. “Exploring tool innovation: A comparison of Western and Bushmen children”. In Preparation.
  • Nielsen, M., Tomaselli, K.G., Mushin, I. and Whiten, A. “When Culture takes hold: ‘Over-imitation and its flexible deployment in Western, Aboriginal and Bushman children”. Submitted to the Journal of Child Development.
  • Tomaselli, K.G. 2014 “Researching the San, San/ding the Research. Critical Arts. Forthcoming. 28(3).
  • Tomaselli, K.G. 2014 “Who owns what? Indigenous knowledge and struggles over representation”. Journal: Critical Arts. Forthcoming.  28(3).
  • Tomaselli, K.G. 2014 “(Un-) disciplined Indiscipline. The Langue and Parole of film studies in the Post” South African Theatre Journal. Submitted.
  • Tomaselli, K.G. 2014 “Where’s the theory in Visual Anthropology?” in Journal of Visual Anthropology. forthcoming.

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