Carol Mitchell

Carol Mitchell


Discipline Psychology
Contact Number 033-260-6054
Campus Pietermaritzburg Campus
Office Address Room 39, Psychology Building, Golf Road
Last Updated 2 years ago

Degrees Held

  • PhD. University of KwaZulu Natal (2017): “Critical reflection in service-learning: the construction of the good citizen”
  • Social Science (Masters in Counselling Psychology) University of Natal (Durban) (1995)
  • Social Science (Hons) Psychology University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg) (1992)
  • B.Social Science (Psychology, Marketing & Business Administration) University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg) (1989-1991)


Registered Counselling Psychologist

Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) registration number PS 0058629

 Research Interests

  • Service-learning
  • Community psychology
  • Community engagement
  • Developmental psychology
  • Psychological assessment
  • Autistic spectrum disorders
  • Educator development

Teaching Interests

  • Learning and conditioning
  • Psychological assessment
  • Developmental psychology
  • Service-learning
  • Community psychology
  • Qualitative research


Journal Articles

  • Mitchell, C.J. & Dabysing (2016). An exploration of students’ experiences of a distance service-learning course in four African countries. Progressio: South African Journal for Open and Distance Learning Practice (38): 84 – 105

  • Munsami A, Mitchell C, Lachenicht L, Kvalsvig JD, Kjetland EF, et al. (2016) The role of socio-cultural-cognition in disease prevalence and risky behaviour among children: A conceptual framework. J AIDS Clin Res 7: 631. doi: 10.4172/2155-6113.1000631

  • Hutton, N., Mitchell, C. & van der Riet, M. (2016) Assessing an isiZulu questionnaire with educators in primary schools in Pietermaritzburg to establish a baseline of knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder. BMC Pediatrics (16): 185

  • Akhurst, J., Mitchell, C., Solomon, V., & Van der Riet, M. (2016) Embedding community-based service learning into psychology degrees at UKZN, South Africa. Educational Research for Social Change (5)2: 136-150.

  • Mitchell, C., and Holdt, N. (2014). A group of South African parents’ experiences of their child being diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health (26) 1: 49-62.

  • Mitchell, C., & Jonker, D. (2013). Benefits and challenges of a teacher cluster in South Africa: The case of Sizabantwana. Perspectives in Education, (31) 4: 100-113

  • Akhurst, J., & Mitchell, C. (2012). International Community-Based Work Placements for UK Psychology Undergraduates: An evaluation of three cohorts’ experiences. Psychology Learning and Teaching, 11, 3, 401-405.

  • Mitchell, C.J., Mansfield, D.J. & Rautenbach, S.C. (2008). Coloured filters and reading accuracy, comprehension and rate: A placebo-controlled study. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 106: 517-532.

  • Mitchell, C.J., & Humphries, H.R. (2007). From notions of charity to social justice in service-learning: The complex experience of communities. Education as Change, 11(3): 47-58.

  • Mitchell, C.J., & Rautenbach, S.C. (2005). Questioning service learning in South Africa: problematising partnerships in the South African context. A case study from the University of Natal. South African Journal of Higher Education, 19(1): 101-112.

  • Mitchell, C.J., Trotter, K.A. & Gelmon, S.B. (2005). A case study of a higher education institutional assessment on service learning. Acta Academica, (3): 156-182.

Chapters in Books

  • Rochat, T and Mitchell C (2011).  Young children and HIV in sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for practice and intervention. In: H. Fitzgerald, K. Puura, M. Tomlinson M, & C. Paul (Eds) International Perspectives on Children and Mental Health. Vol 2: Prevention and Treatment. (pp. 45-74.) Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger

  • Gelmon. S., Sherman, A., Gaudet, M., Mitchell, C. & Trotter, K. (2004). Institutionalizing service-learning across the university: International comparisons. In M. Welch & S. Billig (Eds.), New perspectives in service-learning: Research to advance the field (pp. 195-217). Greenwich, CT: Information Age 

Other publications

  • Rochat, T., Mitchell, C. & Richter, L. (2008) The Psychosocial and Development Needs of Babies and Young Children Living with HIV and AIDS and their Caregivers in South Africa. Department of Health, HSRC and UNICEF

Community Involvement

  • Sizabantwana project coordinator (from 1997 till the present)
  • Sizabantwana aims to develop the capacity of educators in township and rural schools see .

Teaching Expertise

  • Developmental psychology, psychopathology
  • Counselling psychology
  • Community psychology
  • Psychological assessment
  • Service-learning