Kaymarlin Govender

Kaymarlin Govender

Senior Lecturer

Discipline Psychology
Email govenderk2@ukzn.ac.za
Contact Number 031-260-2973
Campus Howard College Campus
Office Address MTB 216
Last Updated 2 years ago

Degrees Held

  • D Lit et Phil

Research Interests

  • Dr Govender is a psychologist and behavioural scientist specializing in HIV research on youth and masculinities research. His research skills include quantitative and qualitative methods, including psychometrics of scale development. He is Research Director at the Health Economics and HIV/AIDS Research Division (HEARD) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa and Senior Faculty member in School of Applied Human Sciences, College of Humanities, UKZN. Dr Govender has undertaken work on a number of projects in the field of HIV/AIDS on psycho-social and behavioural issues for agencies such as UNICEF; Governments (South Africa); funders (Swedish SIDA; Merck) business (SAB; De Beers). He is currently PI on the following projects: a) SIDA funded MMC research among youth with partner CAPRISA, b) SADC funded three country study to study HIV prevention and treatment interventions with mobile populations (Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe) with partners Edwardo Molane University, Mozambique, FACT, Zimbabwe and North Star Alliance, c) Evaluation of HCT Services in South Africa for Department of Health, with partner Epi Centre. He is also Co investigator on HIV Provincial Prevalence Study (KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa), CDC Funded Study with partners CAPRISA and EpiCentre. He was previously PI on a SABMiller study on focusing on the evaluation of an alcohol and risk reduction programme for men. Dr Govender is also currently providing technical assistance to Department of Basic Education on addressing wellbeing of HIV positive learners in schools.

Teaching Interests

  • youth and masculinities, quantitative and qualitative methods, including psychometrics of scale development.

Publications / Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Basterfield, C., Reardon, C & Govender, K (in press). Relationship Between Constructions of Masculinity, Health Risk Behaviors and Mental Health Among Adolescent High School Boys in Durban, South Africa. International Journal of Men’s Health
  • Govender, K., Seeley., & Watts, C. (2014) Addressing Structural Drivers of HIV prevention and treatment (editorial), AJAR Special Issue: Structural Drivers of HIV, 13(2)3-4.George, G., Strauss, M., Chirawu, P., Rhodes, B., Frohlich, J., Montague, C & Govender, K (2014) Barriers and facilitators of voluntary medical male circumcision in South Africa AJAR, 13(2) 179-188.
  • Gow, J., George, G ., & Govender K (2014) A comparison of quality of life between HIV positive and negative diamond miners in South Africa, SAHARA-J: Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS: An Open Access Journal, 10:2, 89-95, DOI: 10.1080/17290376.2013.870066
  • Govender, K., Naicker, S., Meyer-Weitz, A., Fanner, J., Naidoo, A., & Penfold, W.L., (In press) Associations between perceptions of school connectedness and adolescent health risk behaviours in South African high school learners, Journal of School Health.
  • Mutinta, G., Govender, K (In press) An investigation into the socio-environmental determinants of students’ protective sexual behaviour at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa, Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS (SAHARA).
  • Petersen, I., Hanass Hancock, J., Bhana, A., Govender, K. (2013) Closing the treatment gap for depression co-morbid with HIV in South Africa: Voices of afflicted women, Health.
  • Regondi, I., Govender, K., Naidoo, K., and George, G., (2013) Medical circumcision and the politics of no alternative; Why the public health imperative scored a victory against HIV/AIDS; in Smith. R.A., (Ed) Global HIV/AIDS politics, policy and activism, persistent challenges and emerging issue, V2, Praeger: CA
  • George. G., Govender, K., Bachoo, S., Penning,S., & Quinlan. T., (In press) Comparative economic positions of orphan, non-orphan and mixed households: Findings from round 3 of the Amajuba District Study in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies.
  • Martin, J., & Govender, K. (2013) “Indenturing the body”: Traditional masculine role norms, body image discrepancy, and ethnomesomorphology in a sample of South African Indian boys”. Culture, Sexuality and Masculinities.
  • Petersen, I, Bhana, A., Govender, K (2013) Beyond the Individual: Promoting Mental and behavioural health in low and middle income countries, Journal for Psychology in Africa, 22(4) 559-568.
  • Reardon, C., & Govender, K., (2013) Masculinities, cultural worldviews and risk perceptions among South African adolescent learners, Journal of Risk Research,
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  • Daghied, W, Govender, K., Gordon, S. (2012) Masculinity and HIV disclosure among heterosexual South African Men: Implications for HIV intervention. Culture, Health and Sexuality.
  • Mutinta, G., Govender, K., Gow, J., & George, G (2012) An exploratory study of individual determinants of student’s sexual behavior at a South African university, AJAR, 11, 4, 353-359
  • Mutinta, G., & Govender. K., (2012) The socio-environmental determinants of students’ sexual risk behaviours Journal of Human Ecology.
  • Govender, K., Penning, S, George. G &Quinlan. T (2011) Weighing up social support, care-giving responsibilities and health factors placed on caregivers of orphan and non-orphan children: The Amajuba District Child Health and Wellbeing Project, KZN province, South Africa, Round 3. AIDS Care, 1
  • Govender, K., Bhagwanjee, A., Akintola, O., George, G., & Petersen, I. (2011) Psychosocial and Behavioural correlates of attitudes towards Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) in a sample of South African mineworkers. Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS ,8, 2 ,55-64
  • Bhagwanjee, A., Govender, K., Akintola, O., Petersen, I., George, G & Johnstone. L (2011) Unravelling the complexities of HIV disclosure and ART adherence in a sample of male South African mineworkers AJAR, 10 (supp), 357-368.

Chapters in Books

  • Petersen, I and Govender, K (2012) Health and Health Promotion, in Visser, M., and Moleko, A, (Eds.) Community Psychology in South Africa, second edition,Van Schaik.
  • Regondi, I., Govender, K., Naidoo, K and George, G (2012) Medical circumcision and medical circumcision and the politics of no alternative: Why the Public Health Imperative Scored a Victory against HIV/AIDS? Global HIV/AIDS Politics,Policy and Activism.
  • Govender, K and Peterson, I. (2011) Understanding Risk and Risk Behaviour. In L. Swartz.., de la Rey, C., & Duncan, N (Eds): Psychology: An Introduction. (3rd) edition.Cape Town: Oxford.

Community Involvement

  • Regional Inter Agency Task Team on Children

Teaching Expertise

  • Statistics And Research Methods (3rd level)
  • Statistics And Research Methods (Honours Level)
  • Heath Promotion Masters (Research methods)
  • Quantitative Methods, Qualitative Methods, Discourse Analysis, Evaluation Methods.

Student Supervision (Honours, Matser, PhD …)

  • 5 Phds (2 NRF supported)