Kerry Lyn Frizelle

Kerry Lyn Frizelle


Discipline Psychology
Contact Number 031-260-3261
Campus Howard College Campus
Office Address Room 02-002, Memorial Tower,
Last Updated 3 years ago

Degrees Held

  • Bachelor of Arts,
  • Higher Diploma of Education,
  • Social Science Honours (Psychology),
  • Social Science Masters (Counselling Psychology)

Research Interests

  • Youth sexual health in the South African context
  • Motherhood in the South African context
  • Career development in the South African context
  • Teaching and learning within Higher Education in the South African context.

Teaching Interests

  • Critical community health psychology
  • Youth sexuality
  • Critical community psychology
  • Social psychology
  • HIV/AIDS competence

Publications / Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Frizelle, K., Jwili, O. & Nene, K. (2013). Vulnerable sexualities: Constructions of youth sexuality in South African newspaper articles aimed at an adult readership. Agenda: Empowering women for gender equity, 1 – 13.
  • Frizelle, K., & Kell, G. (2010) A contextual account of motherhood. Psychology in Society, 39, 26-44.
  • Frizelle, K. (2009). A case for intercultural inquiry and cognitive justice in the internationalisation of HIV/AIDS: A South African example. Journal of Health Management, 11, 65 – 78.
  • Frizelle, K. (2005). Negotiating identity within the politics of HIV/AIDS: Developing interventions for young South Africans. Critical Psychology, 13, 76 – 95.
  • Mkhize, N.J. & Frizelle, K. (2000). Hermeneutic-Dialogical approaches to career development: An exploration. South African Journal of Psychology, 30, 1-8.
  • Frizelle, K. & Hayes, G. (1999). Experiences of motherhood: Challenging ideals. PINS (Psychology in Society), 25, 17-36.

Chapters in Books

  • 1. Swain, K. & Frizelle, K. (2013). Resistance and re(production): becoming lesbian parents through assisted reproductive technologies. In C. Lubbe-De Beer & J. Marnell (Eds), Home affairs: Rethinking lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families in contemporary South Africa. Auckland Park: Fanele.
  • 2. Frizelle, K. (2008). Service-learning in psychology. In CHESP (Eds.), Service-learning in the disciplines: Lessons from the field (pp. 261-276). Pretoria: CHESP.

Community Involvement

  • Work/ed in partnership with various NGO’s and programmes including Zoe Life, One Voice and Fresh.
  • Run sexual health interventions in communities as part of UKZN credit bearing modules.
  • Established a programme called Positive Periods, which works at improving young females overall experience of their menstrual cycle.

Teaching Expertise

  • Awarded the Distinguished Teachers Award for UKZN in 2009.

Student Supervision

To date I have successfully supervised 9 qualitative Masters theses around a variety of topics:

  • Motherhood.
  • Explorations of career development.
  • Student experiences of service learning.
  • Assisted reproductive technology, donor insemination and lesbian families.
  • Lived experiences of HIV/AIDS.
  • Evaluation of positive, rights based sexual health education.

To date I have successfully supervised at least 15 Honours research projects around a variety of topics:

  • Narrative approaches to career development.
  • Discourse analysis of representations of youth sexuality in newspapers.
  • Discourse analysis of the lyrics of love songs.
  • The experiences of women who choose not to have children.
  • Sexuality in the context of HIV/AIDS.
  • Small scale evaluation of a sexual health intervention with youth.
  • Sexual identities.