School of Applied Human Sciences

Mpsanyana Wilson, Makgahlela


  • Details

  • Position Lecturer
  • Discipline Psychology
  • CampusHoward College Campus
  • Office AddressOffice No: 02-018, Memorial Tower Building

Degrees Held

  • B.Arts,
  • B.Arts Hons (Psychology)
  •  M. Arts Clinical Psychology (Uni Lim T/C)

Research Interests

  • African psychology
  • Indigenous psychologies
  • Cross-cultural conceptions of bereavement, mourning and healing
  • Cultural conceptions of polygamy and prostitution
  • Challenges faced by clinicians in practice

Teaching Interests

  • African Psychology
  • Psychopathology & Therapeutics
  • Cultural and Cross-Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Neuropsychology

Publications / Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Madu, S.N., Jali M.V., Makgahlela, W., Kropiunigg, U., & Sumner, I. (2010). The influence of stigma on voluntary HIV testing among pregnant women in South Africa. African Journal for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, 13 (2). n.p.