Nicholas Munro

Nicholas Munro


Discipline Psychology
Contact Number 033-260-5371
Campus Pietermaritzburg Campus
Office Address Room 49, Psychology Building, Golf Road
Last Updated 2 years ago

Degrees Held

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology and Legal Studies)
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) (Psychology)
  • Master of Social Sciences (Counselling Psychology)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Higher Education)

Research Interests

  • Self-and co-regulated learning in higher education
  • Equity and exceptional academic achievement
  • Higher education transformation, and student well-being and development
  • Cultural-historical activity theory and emotion
  • Visual and mixed methodologies
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Teaching Interests


Introduction to Psychology

  • (Contributor to Psychology 101 and Psychology 102)

Research methods

  • (Coordinator and contributor to Psychology 201)

Forensic psychology

  • (Contributor to Psychology 306)


Honours level

Research design

  • Contributor to Psychology 701 (Research design)

Conceptual foundations

  • Contributor to Psychology 735 (Conceptual foundations)

Masters level

Coordinator of professional psychological programme in counselling psychology

  • Coordinator and contributor to Psychology 818 (Theory and practice of counselling psychology)

Professional psychological practice

  • Contributor to Psychology 806 (Psychological interventions)
  • Contributor to Psychology 809 (Psychological assessment)
  • Contributor to Psychology 810 (Community psychology)

Publications / Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • McCullough, K., & Munro, N. (2018). Finance students’ experiences of lecture-based active learning tasks. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 55 (1), 65-73. DOI: 1080/14703297.2016.1189843  
  • Mngomezulu, S., Dhunpath, R., & Munro, N. (2017). Does financial assistance undermine academic success? Experiences of ‘at risk’ students in a South African university. Journal of Education, 68, 131-148
  • Zulu, N.T., & Munro, N. (2017). “I am making it without you, dad”. Resilient academic identities of black female university students with absent fathers: An exploratory multiple case study. Journal of Psychology in Africa, 27 (2),
  • Munro, N. (2017). Cognition: Thinking, intelligence and language. In E.M. Schutte (Ed.), Psychology – An exploration. Global and Southern African Perspectives (pp. 291-333). Cape Town, South Africa: Pearson.
  • Munro, N. & Samuel, M. (2015). African students who excel in South African higher education: Retro(pro)spectivity and co-regulation of learning. Alternation, 17, 168-189.
  • Munro, N., Vithal, R., & Murray, M., (2015). (In)equity of exceptional academic achievement in South African higher education. South African Journal of Higher Education, 29(2), 218-236.
  • Munro, N., Quayle, M., Simpson, H., & Barnsley, S. (2013). Hunger for knowledge. Food insecurity among students at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Perspectives in Education, 31 (4), 168-179.
  • Munro, N., Chilimanzi, Y. & O’Neill, V. (2012). Covariation of character strengths and dimensions of psychological type in university peer educators. South African Journal of Psychology, 42 (1) 15-24.
  • Munro, N. (2011). The use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in peer education: A positive psychological approach to peer educator training and peer to peer based interventions in higher education. Journal of Counselling and Development in Higher Education Southern Africa 1(1) 37-47.

Community Involvement


  • South African Journal of Psychology
  • Alternation
  • Innovations in Education and Teaching International

Teaching Expertise

  • Intelligence, cognition, and learning
  • Career assessment and counselling
  • Psychological assessment
  • Basic counselling skills
  • Interpersonal process in psychotherapy
  • Research methods

Student Supervision (Honours, Master, PhD …)

Ongoing supervision of honours, masters, and doctoral students