Steven Collings

Steven Collings


Discipline Psychology
Contact Number 031-260-2414
Campus Howard College Campus
Office Address B14b, Memorial Tower Building,
Last Updated 2 years ago

Degrees Held

  • PhD

Research Interests:

  • My research focuses on the psychological effects of interpersonal violence, with specific reference to the impact of chronic developmental trauma.

Recent Publications:

  • Collings, S.J., Penning, S.L., & Valjee, S.R. (2014). Lifetime poly-victimization and posttraumatic stress disorder among school going adolescents in Durban, South Africa.  Journal of Psychiatry, 17(5), 1-5.
  • Penning, S.L. & Collings, S.J. (2014). Interpersonal developmental trauma as a risk factor for suicidality in a non-clinical sample of South African youth.  Child Abuse Research, 15(1), 1-8.
  • Penning, S.L. & Collings, S.J. (2014). Perpetration, Revictimization, and Self-Injury:  Traumatic reenactments of child sexual abuse in a non-clinical sample of South African adolescents. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 23(6), 708-726.
  • Collings, S.J. (2013). Concurrent validity of the Structured Interview for Disorders of Extreme Stress (SIDES-SR) in a non-clinical sample of South African adolescents.  South African Journal of Psychology, 43(1), 10-21.
  • Collings, S.J., Valjee, S.R., & Penning, S.L.  (2013). Development and preliminary validation of a screen for interpersonal childhood trauma experiences among school-going youth in Durban, South Africa.  Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 25(1), 23-34.
  • Gopal, N.D. & Collings, S.J. (2013). “They don’t really rape in Wentworth”: Subjectivities of violence among adolescent girls in a South African community. Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Special Volume (3), 41-47.
  • Gopal, N.D. & Collings, S.J. (2013). School-going adolescent’s perceptions of interpersonal violence: A qualitative analysis. The Social Work Practitioner-Researcher, 25(2), 155-172.