School of Applied Human Sciences

Dorothee Holscher


  • Details

  • Position Lecturer
  • Discipline Social Work
  • CampusHoward College Campus
  • Office AddressRoom A725, Shepstone Building Level 7,

Degrees Held

  • MSocSc (Social Work): cum laude

 Research Interests

  • Applied ethics in social work, focusing on feminist relational, critical ethics of care and anti-oppressive approaches
  • Social work with cross-border migrants
  • Qualitative methods including ethnographic methods, grounded theory and critical discourse analysis

Teaching Interests

  • Anti-oppressive social work theory and practice
  • Qualitative research methods in social and human sciences



  • Sewpaul V. and Hölscher, D. (2004) Social Work in Times of Neoliberalism: A Postmodern Discourse, Pretoria: van Schaik

Journal Articles

  • Hölscher, D., Bozalek, V.G. & Zembylas, M. (2014) ‘Assuming Responsibility for Justice in the Context of South Africa’s Refugee Receiving Regime’, in: Ethics & Social Welfare, Vol. 8(2), pp. 187-204
  • Hölscher, D. & Bozalek, V.G. (2012) ‘Encountering the Other across the Divides: Re-grounding Social Justice as a Guiding Principle for Social Work with Refugees and other Vulnerable Groups’, in: British Journal of Social Work, Vol. 42(6), pp.1093-1112
  • Hölscher D. (2008) ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes: The Attempted Transition to Developmental Social Welfare and Social Work in Post-apartheid South Africa’, in: International Journal of Social Welfare, Vol. 17(2) pp. 114-123

Chapters in Books

  • Hölscher, D. (2012) ’Social Justice’ in Healy, L.M. & Link, R.J. (eds.) Handbook for International Social Work: Human Rights, Development & the Social Work Profession, Oxford & New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 43-51.
  • Hölscher D and Sewpaul V (2006) ‘Ethics as a Site of Resistance: The Tension between Social Control and Critical Reflection’, in: Hall N. (ed.) Social Work: Making a World of Difference. Social Work Around the World IV in the Year of IFSW’s 50th Jubilee, International Federation of Social Workers and Fafo.

Community Involvement

  • Founding Member of the Association of Schools of Social Work in Africa (ASSWA)
    • Current portfolio: Convenor of the ethics working group (current)
    • Previous portfolios: Secretary General (2007 to 2010); Acting President (2010)
  • African representative on the Board of the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) (2007 to 2010)

Teaching Expertise

  • Participatory teaching and learning methods
  • eLearning (Moodle)

Student Supervision

  • BSW (Level 4) & MSW