Madhu Ishver Kasiram

Madhu Ishver Kasiram

Honorary Professor

Discipline Social Work
Contact Number 031-260-7443
Campus Howard College Campus
Office Address A715, Shepstone Building,
Last Updated 6 months ago

Degrees Held

  • PhD

Research Interests:

  • family and community therapy; HIV, AIDS and Women; Death and Debility and Implications for Future Positive Living

Teaching Interests:

  • Research at under and postgraduate levels, Community and Family Therapy

Publications / Selected Publications


  • 2003: Manual: Managing HIV/AIDS: Guidelines for Counsellors, Caregivers and Faith-Based Practitioners. Joint Publication- Kasiram M, Partab R, Dano B and van Greunen J
  • 2006: HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa; The not so silent presence. Book- main editor M Kasiram. With R Partab and B Dano as co-editors. Also chapter contribution “Towards Spiritual Competence in HIV/AIDS care. Print Connection, Pinetown, Durban

Journal Articles

  • 2013 Subrayen R and Kasiram M. Social exclusion of students with visual impairments at a tertiary institution in KwaZulu-Natal. SAFP Vol 55(1): 66-72
  • 2013: Kasiram, M and W Thaver. Community family Therapy: A Model for Family and Community Problem solving and Development in S Africa. Journal of Family Psychotherapy. 30 May 2013
  • 2013: Kasiram, M.I.;Ngcobo, N.;Oliphant, E.;Roestenburg, W. HIV/Aids and women : African and South African perspectives. In Indilinga African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems : Revisiting the Research Paradigm, Vol 12 (1): 62-79
  • 2013. Mulqueeny, D and Kasiram, M. Dating and Sexual Challenges faced by HIV-Positive people in KZN, South Africa. Social Work/Maatskaplike Werk. Vol 49 (3): 354-368
  • 2013. Ligget, M and Kasiram, M. The Family’s protection of Young Children from Sexual Abuse. Social Work Practitioner- Researcher. Vol 25(3): 236-253
  • 2013. Kasiram M., Ngcobo N., & Mulqueeny, D. Life skills for Positive living in the face of HIV and AIDS. Alternation, Special Edition,11(255-272)
  • 2013. Den Hollander, W. & Kasiram, M. Training pastoral counsellors for HIV/AIDS support in South Africa: perspectives from post foundationalism, contextual and narrative therapy. Alternation, Special Edition, 11 (237-254)

Chapters in Books

  • 2003: SAAMFT Book publication: Chapter: Living in Hope : Therapy for the Disadvantaged
  • 2003: Broadening Horizons:ed L Dominelli: Chapter in Book- Joint Publication- authors Kasiram M, Partab R, Lawrence S and Dustin D.

Community Involvement

  • IFTT- International Family Therapy Training- advisory member on Board; IFTA- International Family Therapy member; SACSSP-registered social worker with SA Council for Social Service Professionals

Teaching Expertise

  • Small and large group teaching; moodle

Student Supervision (Honours, Master, PhD …)

  • Since 2000, 2 doctoral and 26 Masters students have graduated under my supervision