The School

About the School

The School of Applied Human Sciences (SAHS) was formed in 2012 as a result of the amalgamation of four programmes: Criminology, Psychology, The Centre for Communication, Media and Society (CCMS), and Social Work.

Psychology is located on both the Pietermaritzburg and Howard College campuses, and the rest of the programmes are based on the Howard College campus. The vision of the School is to be an institution of excellence in providing African-centred and innovative research, teaching and human service interventions that contribute to the global understanding of the human condition in all its manifestations. The mission is to establish the School as a destination of choice for students and scholars seeking a deeper understanding of Media and Health Communication (CCMS), Criminology, Psychology and Social Work models informed by African and other indigenous perspectives; while remaining cognizant of the internationalization imperative;

The School offers a range of exciting professional and general degree programmes at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

The four year Social Work programme leads to registration with the South African Council for Social Service Professions as a professional social worker.

The Psychology programme offers general as well as structured (focused) degrees at the undergraduate level. Upon completion of the Honours programme, students can choose amongst a range of specializations at the Masters level, such as Educational Psychology, Health Promotion, Counselling Psychology, Industrial or Organizational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Research Psychology, and Research Ethics, most of which lead to registration as a psychologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

The Centre for Communication, Media and Society (CCMS) is the premier African graduate research facility specializing in public health and development communication, political economy and history of media and in cultural tourism studies. Its graduates have attained high office in African media and cultural industries, in academia, and in state agencies and NGOs.

Likewise, the Criminology and Forensic Studies programme offers undergraduate as well as postgraduate training with a strong emphasis in Victimology and Corrections. Students attain practical experience through the School’s links with the Criminal Justice system. All programmes offer training up to doctoral level. The staff are involved in a range of exciting research projects amongst which are race, gender and identity; research ethics including the ethics of HIV clinical trials; African indigenous knowledge systems including African approaches to peace building; child development; inclusive education; child abuse and neglect; child trafficking and social justice; psychology and spirituality; wellness in the workplace; and primary health care.