The School



The leading university school of applied human sciences scholarship in Africa


A truly South African university school of choice that is academically excellent,
Innovative in research, entrepreneurial and critically engaged with society

The School has 4462 registered students (undergraduate: 3635, postgraduate: 827 [honnours, masters and doctoral]). This cohort represent 9.3% of all the students registered at the University, and 20.2% of all students registered within the College of Humanities. By implication, on average, 4.1% more compared to the other 18 schools in the University, and 3.5% more compared to the other 5 schools in the College of Humanities. The School’s undergraduate student to permanent staff ratio (headcount not module count) is 67.31. That is, 9.91 more than any other school in the College of Humanities. The School of Applied Human Sciences has 68 permanent members of staff (academic [57; 61% women] [33 {58% with completed doctoral degrees}] and professional support [11; 100% women]) (academics: 14 professors [1 senior professor, 9 full professors, and 4 associate professors] [34% women], 6 senior lecturers, 34 lecturers, and 3 development lecturers). The School also has 5 emeritus professors, 23 honorary appointees, and 6 postdocs. On average, the School produces 58 research publication author units, and 7 of the School’s permanent academic staff members have a National Research Foundation (NRF) rating. The School has a graduation rate of 25: